10 reasons to be in Caracol Square Print
1.   Caracol Square has the best commercial location in the Hotel Zone, better known as Punta Cancun.

2.   Caracol Square is the best visually exposed mall, since it is the only one which can be seen from the two avenues the Hotel Zone has.

3.   The 10,000 visiting tourists we plan to receive once the Revitalization Plan is concluded.
4.   The Revitalization Plan will once again place the mall in the most visited one per square meter in relation to the leased area.

5.   The development of the unique concept in Mexico of the “Paseo del Arte” will make us an icon, and therefore an obligatory attractive while visiting Cancun.

6.   The natural influence primary area (Trade Area) has more than 8,000 rooms.

7.   Cancun has 28,220 hotel rooms, a 75% occupancy rate,  and 3,490,000 visitors estimated for 2008. 
8.   The Mayan Riviera has 36,900 hotel rooms, a 78% occupancy rate,  and 2,900,000 visitors estimated for 2008.

9.   The building, developing and planning at this moment of approximately 6,000 to 7,000 high level houses and condos in the Hotel Zone.

10. Right now there are between 3,500 and 4,000 residences and condos in the Hotel Zone, which are occupied throughout the whole year by people from a privileged economical level.
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