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Grupo Caracol  is a company dedicated to manage and lease it's properties in Plaza Caracol (Caracol Square). Created in 1980 for the purpose of building and developing the first phase of the first shopping mall in Cancun.  In 1982 it started operating and manageing restaurants. In 1988 starts the second development phase of Plaza Caracol and adds new restaurant concepts. Actualmente lleva a cabo  la dirección del Plan de Revitalización del centro comercial  cuyo objetivo es recuperar el liderazgo historico  que le caracterizó en la Industria de Centros Comerciales de Cancún.

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The mission of Grupo Caracol includes three sectors:


The goal is to keep the customers´ preference through a high level of quality and innovation in goods and services.

To offer our investors confidence, growth and participation in new projects through a creative and productive work.

To foster team work atmosphere among our collaborators, with loyalty, security, ethic and professional growth.